Pantry Labels

Organising your pantry doesn’t have to be boring, inject some fun into the task by adding matching pantry labels to your pantry containers or storage. Not only will they look good but they will be functional too, making it easy to see what is where in your pantry at a glance.

With sets of both 15 and 30 pantry labels available, there is an option for every pantry size and budget.

You choose each of the words you’d like for your labels as well as the font and colour you’d like for the entire set.

Simply leave a note at checkout with your list of words for your pantry labels, as well as the approximate width of your pantry containers, if your pantry container sizes vary, please group the words with the corresponding container size.

For example;

9.5cm Wide: Plain Flour, Oats, Sugar

10.5cm Wide: Brown Rice, White Rice, Self Raising Flour

This allows me to cut the correct size label for the correct container.

Our set of 15 pantry labels works out to $1.80 per label and our set of 30 pantry labels works out to $1.56 per label, each set comes with easy to follow application instructions as well as everything you need to apply the labels to your containers.

Plain Flour Pantry Label
Self Raising Flour Pantry Label Magenta Sans